Tower crane

Tower cranes with upper rotation – S series

  • Fully galvanized, with turret and braces whose base may be on a frame or anchor structure. Suitable for installation in a lift shaft and the vicinity of construction excavations, with a possible altitude, without being anchored to the building,
  • Length of the arm may vary between 24m and 52m.
  • Burden capability from 1000кg. to 4000кg.
  • Suitable for urban conditions

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Turret less tower cranes – a series of TL. TLS, SL

  • Fully galvanized, whose base may be frame or anchor.
  • Length of arm may vary between 24m. and 80 m.
  • Burden capability from 1000кg. to 20 000кg.
  • Suitable for urban conditions.

Self-mounting tower cranes with lower rotation – H series

  • Fully galvanized, frame base
  • Noted for its fast installation, de-installation and mobility
  • Length of arm from 24m to 32m.
  • Burden capability from 1000кg. to 4000кg

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